Artist Bio

Jordan Spector has had a passion for both sports and art from a young age. From the day he could lift up a pencil, Spector has been illustrating the world around him. During his adolescent and teenage years he received numerous awards and recognition for his artwork in local and regional art shows. However, for most of his life he was better known by his peers as an athlete. He participated in both varsity football and track in high school and furthered his football career as a walk on athlete for the Temple University Football program in 2012. However, due to a combination of injuries, Spector’s Football career come to an abrupt end. With his devastating injury and his dreams of success on the football field shattered, he decided to refocus his efforts towards documenting his love for the game through art.

During his junior year at Temple, Spector went to work creating for himself a new canvas on life. He started illustrating piece after piece of his favorite football players and sports icons. After revealing his new artwork to friends and family, it became apparent that he found himself a new way to stay involved in the sport he loves. Since then his illustrations haven’t stopped. Spector later graduated from Temple University with a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology and is now becoming a well known artist in the Philadelphia region.

The Art:

Spector’s art is collected by art patrons throughout the United States and is known for his attention to detail and photo realistic portrayal. Spector combines his choice of dramatic scenes, athletes and/or sports subjects with his skillful technique, using pastel pencils and opaque paint markers, to give his art an astounding level of detail, realism, and intensity that is incomparable in the world of art.

Spector’s vibrant pastel illustrations give his subject matters a sense of drama; a moment that can encompass success, emotion, and intensity is captured forever on paper. His composition and perspective allow others to relive moments and emotions with each glance.